Last Saturday I went to my first meeting of the Etsy Dublin Team group ... we met at the lovely cafe bar Hippety's in Temple Bar, and I had a delicious breakfast bagette (mmm) ... but back to the meeting ... it was only a few team members, but hey, since it was my first meeting I was kind of grateful. It meant a less intimidating group.

And specially because my friend Maggy of the Green Goose Gallery was at the meeting.
Ursula from the YouOrganic shop was also there and it was very nice to meet and talk to her.

We talked for quite a bit about this and that and all things Etsy.

After the meeting Maggy and I went for a walk to visit a couple of shops that had come up during the meeting. One of them was the Irish Design Shop in Drury Street.


It is a lovely shop full of little and beautiful things made in Ireland. They also run workshops in the upper floors of the building they occupy. I am actually very tempted to try one myself!

If you are ever in or around Drury Street make sure you have a bit of time to visit their shop!

This Saturday (tomorrow!) I will be attending what it will be my first monthly meeting of the Etsy Dublin team.


Not sure what to expect, but hey I am sure it will be great to just have a chat ...


I still need to properly stock the shop, but I have added a few new items recently ... I hope you like them!

Hello again,

You might have noticed a little change in the shop ...

On the 14th of February 2014 I decided to change the name of the shop ... JLthings was a bit too basic and the name I chose without much thinking the day I opened the shop ...

So I thought about it for a bit and decided that I still liked the JL logo that I used and so I changed the name to just two words starting with a J and L ... it wasn't that easy!

Which words to choose!
I started with happy words starting with J ... Jolly, Joyful ... not that many ... I was already struggling and I had not even started thinking about the L word ...

Time for a break ... pour myself a Gin and Tonic, slice of lime ... great!

After a few moments a conversation started in the room about the ingredients going into gin ... and the Juniper word is mentioned. It immediately engraved itself on my brain! Then, almost at once my eyes glanced at the green lime slice on my beverage ... Lime!

I took to Google and searched for Juniper + Lime and to my delight it was not a popular combination and could not find any company or brand already using those words. That was it! I had it!

I imagine that there are a million clever ways of coming up with a name, many involving proper marketing techniques and focus groups and all that jazz ... I just had a G+T!

So the final result was my newly branded shop: Juniper Lime on etsy

Hope you like it!

Welcome to my new blog ...

I have started a shop in Etsy about six months ago ... so far I have been just finding my feet and had only a handful of sales.

With this blog I intend to chart my trip into a successful shop! Hopefully!

I read on a blog article today that 3,505,221 new items were listed on Etsy in December 2013 alone ... so it looks like I have a hard job in my hands!

Wish me luck and join me on my journey!